Spring is in the air and our heroine purchases a Thermos flask …

A while ago I waved off a couple of special people who had turned up with a bunch of beautiful flowers, some Singapore noodles, loads of gossip and some tight as anything hugs. It was great.  I sometimes get so tired I have to put off visitors which I hate doing but not as much as I hate feeling my eyelids grow heavy as I chat with someone I love who has made an effort to come and see me.  These days there’s no such thing as “a bit tired”, its either feeling fine or feeling banjaxed.  It’s ever so annoying.

I’d already had some flowers as well as my next door neighbour knocked on my door to hand me some roses she thought I’d like.  I do so like it when my house is full of flowers.  I love the smell, I have some hyacinths at the moment and their heady scent as I walk into the living room is beautiful, I love the colour and the fragility and I especially love to look outside and see daffodils growing outside my door with their promise that another spring is on its way.  I was a bit busy last spring so I intend to enjoy this one.

I thought this week I’d just fill you in generally about how things are going.  First off great excitement here as my scales inform me that not only have I smashed my 7st target weight but I’m now 7st 6! *air punch*  I’m still thin and I hate how wrinkly my arms and legs are but I’m getting there.  It means my diet is improving and that I’m enjoying food … mainly, I still have days when I’m just not hungry or feel a bit nauseous but now I have a back up weight its not so serious if I just have even a couple of dry biscuits for instance.  I know that it won’t last and I’ll be hungry the next day.

My meds appear to be at the right levels.  What’s supposed to happen is that the slow release morphine I take lasts me for the twelve hours until the next dose but occasionally the pain just sneaks through.  I can normally tell when its nearly pill time without looking at a clock anyway but when this happens it can wake me up and just send a little reminder that the alien is still there.  At that point I have a word with the medical professionals and we crank it up by 10mg or so.  A couple of days later when I’ve got used to the new dosage  I’m back on the right road.  Ah, bad analogy, I won’t be on any roads with the amount of morphine in my system these days!!

However, with these spring mornings that we’ve enjoyed recently I’ve been able to put my shoes on and walk a few yards.  My goal is to the duck pond in town and round the other way back home – I should think its a 15 minute job.  Not quite able to go that far yet but I’m getting there and just a little bit of fresh air feels so good.

A new symptom I’ve noticed recently is a swollen tummy which if googled in my situation can be a bit alarming but I’m pretty sure I’m just dealing with wind and air in which case I’m fighting back with Omeprazole and Peppermint Oil tablets.  Its uncomfortable rather than painful so no biggy.

So, I’ll see you here next Sunday.  I’ve finally got round to buying myself a Thermos so when I write my blog I don’t have to keep losing train of thought to go and make myself another brew.


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