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Well it’s Sunday morning so I’m here again.  My sleep patterns are a little crazy at the moment so I’ve actually been awake since just before 5am and have spent the time wisely.  The Sunday papers have been downloaded and read from cover to cover.  I’ve joined a new shopping site taking advantage of a 20% discount by simply clicking on a link in the article I was reading about said site.  I’ve also downloaded a couple of samples of books after the reviews interested me.  I’ve got a bit of a queue on my e-reader so I find it better to line up a short sample of a book and see if it grabs me.  I’ve made a few mental notes to try some beauty products (lip OIL? Hmm.  Better give it a try) and photographed a couple of recipes to try at some stage (Jamie’s sweet and sour chicken using noodles cooked in boiling water with a jasmine tea teabag … hmm, that could work.)

However, now I’m sipping coffee and staring at the open page on WordPress and I’m wondering if you’ll mind, dear Reader, if I make this week’s blog pretty much cancer free? Is that just being indulgent? It’s just I kind of feel ok at the moment.  I take correct amount of meds at the right time, I’ve recently purchased a memory foam mattress topper on advice from the District Nurse to keep away any sores when my bony bum has problems being quite so bony, so I’d just like to write about something else.  An interest.

So here’s the drill.  It’s a bit like last week and colostomy bags except that I’d be surprised if anyone urgently googles “Perry Mason” while sobbing in a bathroom.  Perry who?

Some of you are no doubt humming the theme tune.  You will be of a certain age.  Some of you will be frowning in slight recognition perhaps and the rest of you will be shrugging and reaching for the mouse to go and check out something else.

I can get a little OCD about TV series.  I like nothing better than a Netflix marathon.  Especially Netflix for the sheer laziness in knowing you don’t even have to keep pressing “play”.  Netflix will just assume that of course you want to watch an entire series of Criminal Minds for instance in one, glorious “where the heck did that afternoon go?” greedy gulp, only very occasionally pausing to ask you “do you wish to continue” as it checks if you’re still awake/alive.  It’s lovely.  So imagine my joy one day when YouTube metaphorically coughed politely and suggested that as I had enjoyed some 60s programme in monochrome – oh it was an entire series of Alfred Hitchcock Presents – I may also enjoy these 200 episodes of Perry Mason starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, William Hopper and of course William Talman as the ever thwarted, inclined to gibber with rage when Perry does one of his clever court room manoeuvres District Attorney, Hamilton Burger. Two.  Hundred.

This was a few months ago and I’m sad to say I’m very nearly at the end of my Mason Marathon.  I’m having to seek out further episodes that aren’t on the site sharing the 200 (although actually towards the end of that list there are some episodes that are either cut in half for some reason or worse … they haven’t got the ending!)  I’ve just found another site that has a few episodes from season 7 which I believe were made in 1963 – 64 and has a few outside scenes and in “The Case of the Fifty Millionth Frenchman” has a young David McCallum doing an extremely dodgy Pepe Le Peau “Frooooonch” accent.

The biggest surprise for me came in an episode called “The Case of Constant Doyle” when Perry helps a client with a case from his hospital bed, the client in question being played by Bette Davis quietly out-acting everyone else off the screen.

So I recommend a bit of time spent in 1960s Los Angeles with Perry and his chums.  Good stories beautifully acted, some vintage convertible cars to spot if that’s your thing or some wonderful 60’s fashion if you’re more into that.

Right, time for The Archers – DON’T get me started on David and Ruth’s move because when Kenton … (FADES TO SILENCE)


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  1. Serena FitzGerald says:

    I hope this equilibrium continues. Sending love x


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