Well MY Nostromo has an Entertainment deck …

I’ve just been rereading the post from January 2012 called “Dolly has a Condition” and it made me smile. A bit wryly at some bits to be fair. Maybe the little chat with cancer on the beach was a bit cocky now I think about it but the deal was “Do your worst, I’m surrounded by people who love me.” and that still holds true.

I’ve made a decision recently though. With my track record this might not be the brightest idea but to continue my Ripley analogy I think I may have put my exosuit on too soon and it’s blinking heavy. All I know for sure is my Alien is on the very big spaceship and you know what, I’m off to the Entertainment deck for a while and bugger it! It’s not good – no – it’s actually impossible to be on a state of high alert for too long. I’m convinced the tummy and back ache I’ve had recently is very real but I also think that just maybe I need to tell my body to “stand down soldier” and see if that helps. I think it will.

I’m starting tonight. I’m going to put on a posh frock and head to the beach with my two best friends and see in another shiny new year full of possibility and laughter and the most horrendous hangover tomorrow. At some point I’ll take myself off to the shore for a little chat and a toast but I won’t be confrontational. I’ll leave the exosuit in the wardrobe for another day that I can’t even see yet because the sunshine is so dazzling at the moment.

So I’m just about to enter the Entertainment deck, I’m setting the year 2014 *ping* ok the door is sliding open …. Give me a hand squeeze … Let’s go!!

About dolly61

Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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