Blue bird of Happiness….

OK I fibbed about the weekly update but in my defence I’ve had a frozen shoulder and blah, blah ….I went for an X-ray on Friday because when you’re in my position there’s always a bit of an “oh, let’s just get that checked out shall we?” aspect to any symptoms.  I’m pretty sure that’s all it is and my GP has given me some pills that appear to be doing the trick although they do make me a little sleee …gfhgvfl¬≈~∆ brfk sleepy. *sips black coffee*

Anyway,  various things have happened that have turned my thoughts to that Marmite of social media – Twitter.  Yes, it’s full of spammers, people telling you what they’ve had for their tea, attention seekers who have fewer characters to type than Facebook but still get the “wot’s up Hun?” response they crave and yet …

I can’t remember when I joined.  I’m going to guess 6 years ago.  I was studying Art History then and it seemed a good way to connect with people with the same interests.  I can’t even remember who I first fol – oh yes I can it was Stephen Fry natch!  Since then I’ve followed and am being followed by hundreds rather than thousands (why do I suddenly want a cup cake?) but Twitter, used properly and in my opinion and experience is great.

I’m not going to name anybody but I’m smiling as I think of people I may or may never meet who can make me laugh by for example calling a register first thing in the morning and people from all over England sleepily reply “Here” just for fun or being so quick with their wit I simply stare at my timeline like a confused labrador watching cricket on the telly.

Then there are the brave ones.  Braver than me.  They get involved, they argue.  I may not even always agree with them but they make a stand.  They write books about, for instance, the most dreadful of illnesses with candour and honesty.  I watch them start businesses which flourish because their work is so personal and they work so very hard.

Then there are the kind ones.  They send direct messages to me, I ask them to help a relative with something they have experience of and they do unquestioningly; they send me presents which take my breath away with their appropriateness and thoughtfulness.

A lot of the people I follow are all three and they are my friends.

So scoff if you must about Twitter but I’m not leaving it any time soon.

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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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  1. KittNoir says:

    Well said Dolly x


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