“Don’t be afraid. I’m part of the family.”

That is a quote from Alien 3.  When naming a blog after a film you should be wary of sequels.  I wasn’t going to write this yet but I promised I would and in a strange way I wanted to capture the moment, make it real.

It’s about as real as it gets.  Yesterday my big brother and my bestie went to the Royal Free, sat in an office and got my results.  Believe me for a truly surreal experience being told kindly, gently but with no bull shit that it’s the worst case scenario is a classic.  The Anal cancer has sneaked into my lymph system and as a result the best they can do is make me “comfortable.”

Whoa – wait a minute though – stop sorting through your wardrobe for something suitably solemn/garish because it was also explained to me that the little bugger would have gone un-noticed if it wasn’t for the PET scan.  In other words I have no symptoms yet and it’s not growing fast so far.  BUT I’ll always have it and this time Professor Zappy and Vinnie can’t fight it.  Which is a polite, fey way of saying I have terminal cancer.

But stick around if you feel up to it gang.  This blog won’t change much.  I guarantee honesty and laughs along this new path. It’ll get a bit rocky that’s for sure but with Team Dolly by my side I have the courage to do this with dignity, humour and fabulous nails.

Seatbelts on everyone.  Here we go.


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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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4 Responses to “Don’t be afraid. I’m part of the family.”

  1. KittNoir says:

    Oh darling….words fail me…what can I do? What would be helpful? So so sorry. An inadequate response. As ever your courage & humour floors me into admiration & love


  2. Long term Team Dolly member here. For as long as you want me to be.
    I can say no more.


  3. Serena says:

    Buckled up and ready for the journey Dolly xxx


  4. Right with you and think those fabulous nails deserve stunning outfits to go with them. Fancy a bit of shopping? Accompanied by food and a giggle of course.


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