Things that make me go “hmmm”

Sorry to reblog but think certain readers thought I was a private patient when I wrote this. No. This is how good NHS are

Not Quite Ripley

I’ve alluded to this on my Twitter feed and Facebook page but I’m so stunned I feel it needs further comment.  File this under “What the heck are these people thinking?”

So, on Wednesday the nice radiotherapist gave me my schedule and almost apologetically said, “We’re in next Friday, would it be ok if you came in?” Well blimey yes! That’s another day towards when I finish so of course. I replied something like “Oh I love you guys, that’s brilliant!” He looked a bit pleased and said “well you’re the first person who hasn’t complained that you’ll miss a bit of the Royal Wedding.”

Now I’ll be glued to the telly next Friday.  I love a nice frock and mangled wedding vows as much as the next girl.  However if it comes to a decision between possibly seeing Kate get out of the car and having a treatment that’s…

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