“How long was I out there?”

Hello I’ve just come back from the … *holds hand up* just a sec while I get my breath … the gym.  A nice young man with muscles on his muscles has agreed to the dubious honour of watching me stumble about on a treadmill, peddle on a bike, do crunches (which disappointingly are nothing to do with Walkers Cheese and Onion) and do various other things to turn me into a a slim, toned gym bunny.  In return he gets paid obviously and also whined at pretty much non stop. “It’s too fast.  HOW much longer.  Oooh you can see the cake shop from here.” etc.  He seems to be enjoying it.  I’m sure they were happy tears.  We’ve been discussing various options to keep my routines interesting.  He’s even suggested boxing. *Belushi look to camera*

What else have I been up to? Oh yes.  I’ve had a story published! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll be rolling your eyes and saying yes we know, shut up about it but I’m truly delighted that “Confession” can be found on the Ether Books App, both free to download.  OK, shameless plug over.

I’m very excited about Tuesday as I’m off to the Royal Free where I get to give my specialist nurse, Amina, a huge hug, meet my new Consultant and show him how we do things in Team Dolly, then have lunch with a couple of old pals I haven’t seen in ages before another fun filled, supportive evening in the little piece of heaven that is Talliston. Obviously there’s always a little bit of apprehension that comes with any visit to an Oncology clinic but I’m feeling good gang, not cocky about it but y’know ok.

Right, will you excuse me? I need to crawl to the fridge to get a lolly – exercise makes you really hungry and I’m sure he said “eat loads of ice cream.”  Or was it brown rice? *shrugs*

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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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