Vinnie and Professor Zappy

These guys popped into my head again. This is what treatment is like.

Not Quite Ripley

So I was going to do my top ten “foot in mouth” moments and I started it but although I laughed a bit, ultimately it seemed mean.  Some people inherently get it right, some are a little more clumsy.  Their thoughts are all sincere though so how churlish is it to take the mickey?

So you’re not disappointed however, here’s a doozy of mine.  I’ve been merrily telling younger blood relatives “I’ll be fine, think of the genes!”  By which I mean the tenacious Northern stock I come from but come to think of it that comment from an older blood relative with ARSE cancer is likely to leave them with an expression like “The Scream”.  Ladies, you know who you are, I apologise!

So the last couple of days has been quite strange as the nasty effects of the chemo wear off.  My mouth feels like it belongs to me again.  To explain; the…

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