Say Hello Wave Goodbye

I haven’t blogged for ages.  There are a few reasons for this.  I’ve said goodbye to a few things.  One of the most important (I paused but yes …) is my darling Shelbie.  That little bundle of fur I met the week Jill Dando was so brutally shot; such bad things were happening when we brought her home and I promised her that her life would be happy and content and that she would be loved.

A few short happy laughter filled years later she fell down the stairs and damaged a disc in her back (not good for a dachshund) and life was never the same.  It became apologies, damaged carpets and only having one person that would ever look after her if I went anywhere.  Then she damaged another disc… and we got through it – just – for several years.

Then as you know stuff happened.  I found myself leaving my home of 20 years (well the house I lived in) and what did I do with the 13 year old Shelbster? Who had stuck with me through everything? I made the hardest decision (thinks, yes) the HARDEST decision I’ve made and when I came to my new house I picked her ashes up from the vets who have looked after her from day one and when I was ready and with a really good friend I sprinkled them in the back garden and sobbed for the companion and the love I’d had but lost but it was time.  Lindsay and I both agreed at the moment those ashes hit the lawn it was like Shelbie was wandering around snuffling happily.

Then …. oh heavens it’s not been good gang … cancer took my Auntie.   Just as I was congratulating myself for being clear it took the person who had taught me to skip.  She had a long life in which she was very much loved but from the same thing I had just dodged?  That’s not fair to her.  She was …. I wrote loads and just deleted it … she was Auntie and I thought she would always be there.

Part 2 to follow after we’ve all blown our noses.

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