Part Two

OK *sniff* everybody stop because you either didn’t know my tough Northern bird of an Auntie or you did – either way she’s giving us “the look”.

My best moment ever with her was when she asked a neighbour of hers if he ever had a “pea in the garden” and we both turned purple trying not to laugh after I caught her eye.  She was the first grown up who passed me a ciggie – then IMMEDIATELY told my Gran, “Mum? Guess what I’ve just handed to our Deb”, she read, oh blimey she read and my love of reading comes from her. One Christmas she got me an Estee Lauder make up kit (remember the huge rectangular ones?) and I learned not to smear all the eyeshadow on at once … eventually).  Auntie was my Mum’s big sister and she taught me alot.

Shelbie made me laugh every day rain or shine.  I once answered door to the postman and Shelbie ran past us both with the cup of a bright red bra of mine on her head.  I have never known embarrassed silence like it.

They never met – I think they would have liked each other tremendously.



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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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1 Response to Part Two

  1. Pam Chambers says:

    We are blessed with these people – Aunties and pet friends- in our lives…..they love us, teach us, and help mould our lives. We are enriched because of their gifts.
    Love you Honey.


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