Belt, braces and lampshades

So it was back to the Royal Free today for results of the PET scan.  I walked there via the vets to pick up some dog food so all in all probably a couple of miles which is possibly the furthest I’ve walked in ages. (Go me!)

Lovely Consultant (yes, he got another peck on cheek on arrival) is really pleased with the progress but we’re both a bit niggled with the lump on the secondary area, the lymph one.  Sooo, I had a choice.  Wait 3 months for another PET scan to see if things have shrunk anymore or do the “belt and braces” approach by having an operation to remove the node with lump and do a biopsy on the primary one to make sure that it is mainly what we suspect, ie scar tissue (haha, hark at me, “we” *dons white coat and casually loops stethescope round neck*)  Which one do you think I went for Dear Reader, bearing in mind I’m a sucker for hospital food and backless gowns?  Yep, and it could be as soon as 3 weeks. 

The way I see it waiting until November and then maybe still have to have the procedure just seems daft.  I might as well do it now.  I have plans for 2012 and they don’t include recovering from surgery thank you!

Oh, bit of hilarity for you.  While I was waiting my Specialist Nurse and I were discussing home furnishings.  So as I was getting undressed behind the screen she pointed at my pants and said “Oooh now THAT’S the colour of my lampshade.”  I thought it was important to clarify quite loudly over the screen to Consultant that she was pointing at my teal underwear NOT my pink bum!

I also managed to maintain my sense of humour during the most painful part of the consultation by, after being asked cheerfully how I was doing, (THAT examination never gets easier) saying with a slightly screwed up face “I’ll be honest I’ve had better lunchtimes.”

I think I’ve got some new readers to whom I send a special hello and thank you.  If you’re reading this because you are going through or think you may have to go through something similar then I hope that you can see that this is do-able; it’s hard I won’t lie but focus with all your might on the good stuff and the worse it gets, the harder you focus.  If you’re lucky like me you’ll be truly astounded at people’s kindness and generosity of spirit and your own strength. If you want to ask anything or just vent, don’t be shy, I can’t give medical advice but if you just need a reassuring “hey I felt that too” I’m here.

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1 Response to Belt, braces and lampshades

  1. Possibly the first lampshade/knickers connection ever?

    Huge respect for your courage and spirit

    Big hugs


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