Dear “Elmo”

You did a fab thing today.  Oh sure it was a sunny day and you got to spend time at a fun run with your Mum and your sister and your auntie and your cousin … and your dog … and you were fastest.  Knowing you, you were probably bouncy like Tigger and slightly competitive and you were bound to complain you had to wear pink, which suits you but I understand why at the moment it’s cool to wear black. 

Anyway do me a favour and print this off to read for when you’re officially “old” which I believe from reliable sources is “50”.  You’re right – 50 is old.  Far too old to have fun with your bessie, sing in the shower, play hopscotch when you think nobody’s watching,  …I could go on but if you’re cheating and you’re not 50 but still reading – which I can guarantee you are doing, you’ve got that look… the rolled eyes and crinkled nose look we all know so I’ll stop.

Just to let you know that when you have the bad luck to get a really horrible disease like cancer (which you won’t because you eat healthily and still don’t smoke right?  Anyway by the time you’re 50 they’ll have found a cure) it sorts out very clearly who the important people are in your life.  You can spot them very easily because they do things which they don’t believe at the time if ever are a huge, huge deal but they are.  I’m very lucky with my most important people Elmo and my fervent wish is that you will be lucky enough (and I think you will because you’re a “good person” – stop cringing) to have loads of important people in your life too – even when you’re really old -like 50.

Thank you for dedicating your Run for Life to me – I love you.

Auntie Debbie


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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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