Still here …

No it’s no good, still feel like Ripley so I’m back.

Exciting times here on the ship home.  Firstly, welcome to the world Charlie Thomas Phillips, my Great Nephew, born on Friday with a huge shock of dark hair and a look I’ve come to recognise “Right then, I’m here, how can I set about becoming Prime Minister and making my (Great) Aunt cry with pride and happiness?”  Becca, Rachel and Darcy had the same look.

Secondly I’m a little too excited about mixing with real people tomorrow – off to hairdressers.  Will I be able to sit for an 2 hours in their admittedly comfy chairs? Will I snigger when I lose a handful of hair in the sink? (that’s a “yes”).  Will I remember not to give my colourist and stylist all the gory details?

Thirdly, I’ve got my dog back! She’s been so good.  It’s been a bit of a learning curve as she’s incontinent (irony corner) so needs to wear dog nappies which need changing every 3 hours.  We manage and I have a better respect for her condition these days.

Fourthly, I’m going home on Thursday.  Dolly – the Midlands Tour 2011! I get to go on a train then I get to hug various family members so hard it takes their breath away.  So why am I a little apprehensive? I think because although they’ll try to hide it, I’m scared of the fear I’ll see in their eyes.  I’m a bit pale and a bit thin and any attempt at makeup makes me look like Baby Jane Hudson.  I have to excuse myself pretty rapidly these days for loo visits.  Anal cancer really isn’t the most dignified of diseases even after treatment.  I know my family won’t balk but I hate it that they’ll have the option if that makes sense?

I said last time this journey was over – it’s not I’ve come to realise.  Thanks for staying with me Constant Reader.


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Bit stubborn - this has come in handy lately.
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  1. Glad to hear things are looking a bit brighter and that you get to have some summer fun!


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