Decisions …..

I know, back so soon!

So, yesterday I had an appointment with my Consultant.  I shaved my legs specially and went to put on my rather fetching denim skirt which to my amazement promptly dropped to the floor when I stood up which was a bit of a shock.  I haven’t weighed myself for months and knew I haven’t been eating but still! A quick reassessment of outfit – including a bracelet (get me accessorising again) and I was off back to the Royal Free.

Well, he seemed pleased.  Burns are practically healed apart from a couple of stubborn ones, digestive system is working again and I was cheeky to him in the extreme (during a rather intimate examination I quipped “well you could have bought me dinner first” and he got a peck on the ear as I skipped out of his office). I was weighed “yes you too can lose 7 kilos on the Chemoradiation diet *smiles at camera*”,

He mentioned nothing about an operation which had been discussed to remove the secondary tumour which alerted me in the first place as it’s now shrunk from “walnut” to “peanut”.  Then he said “well how about if we see you in August?”  It took a while to sink in.  No doubt before then there will be CAT scans and MRI scans but apart from that …this particular journey seems to be over.  There’ll be a new chapter when we get the results of course but in the meantime dear reader I’m thinking of closing down Not Quite Ripley and creating a new blog which doesn’t mention “cancer” “pain” or “arse”.

What do you reckon?

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2 Responses to Decisions …..

  1. Nicki says:

    How did that happen? I managed to miss an installment of ‘Not Quite Ripley’ so had two to enjoy this morning. So happy to hear that you are feeling so much better and the news from the consultant so positive. Flying the flag for Team Dolly! 🙂 xxx


  2. Pam Chambers says:

    Now that I’ve stopped yelling and cheering!!!
    OMG…Brilliant news. (Doing the shimmy shimmy dance of the Grinning Granny as I type) (Whoops . . .seemed to have frightened nice man next door …note to self, no shimmy shimmying in front of kitchen window.) Can I hug you till you scream for mercy? Can I? Do you know how much I love you? XXXXX Pam.


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